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New Gear!?

Hello Strangers!

It’s been a while hasn’t it. Well, what do you expect from a twenty first centaury teenager? I mean although I’m quite different from most teenagers my age (around my area anyway), I still probably go through the typical teenager routine. You know the one where you’re at school; complaining about how your new teacher this year, is ruining your love for the subject because the teacher is clueless and has no idea, how on earth to teach!! *Ahem* And you spend the day listening to obnoxious girls go all loved up and loopy, about boys and celebrities who are triple if not double their age, with me however I sit there and thank god I’m merely spectating and not actually involved or able to relate in anyway. When arriving home, I do nothing but home work and browse the internet listening to music and silently mouthing the words to the song I don’t necessarily know – but like to think and pretend I do know – all day in my room. To be honest, I do try! Really I do try and do something more. I always have the intentions to do something but never feel motivated or inspired enough to do it. !

But any how I think that may change! During October this year, I was picked as one of the thirteen students who were chosen to go to a university and work with a PHD student to write a university style essay and be encouraged to attend university when I am older and fulfil my full potential. But the first trip was all the way, outside the city, and in Sussex! On the mini bus journey there (yes, my school has its own mini bus… it has our school name written all.Over.It!) everyone had their phones out and were texting, and me? No, I wasn’t one of them, I was the quite one at the back staring open mouthed and wide eyed at the country scenery! Oh, how Mother Nature’s autumn palette amazed me and made me try to capture each beautiful inch of the environment that passed by the tiny window; honestly I hated myself when I got home when I picked up my water paints and failed to repaint the scenery perfectly. Ever since then I’d find myself looking up at the sky and the world around me and suddenly think “Damn, that’d look nice on a canvas… I need to remember this!” but I never do. In school when I look out my class room window I make a view finder with my fingers and pretend I’m talking a picture; it’s fun and I always get excited about it. But throughout all that… I’ve had one thing on my wish list. A Camera.

And next week, my sister said she’d buy me one as a present and what’s better is that not only am I getting a camera; but I’m getting a bridge camera! So I’m hoping to fill this blog with loads of pictures! Despite all that, don’t expect too much from me, I haven’t the slightest clue about the details of photography! Haha!

Take care!


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Online Art

Hello~ My Artistic Audience!

This blog post is just a picture of all my drawings however I didn’t want to put up any pictures of my hand drawn art as they aren’t very good and the ones that are have been awfully photographed – I am not much of a photographer especially with my sisters crappy camera x_X

So instead I’ll show you my online art! Horray! But… these drawings aren’t so great either as I draw using the laptop which is painful and so very long. So I apologize if my art isn’t exactly very beautiful or inspiring ;A; honestly I am trying my best to draw better and do more realistic drawings of landscapes and portraits which I find are more appealing than my amateur cartoon-ish/anime-style drawings.

Now I have the pleasure of presenting to you, Miyu’s Online Art Gallery:

The art above has been drawn using a laptop. The art under this has been drawn using a mouse – it is somewhat difficult to use a mouse for the first few times.

Well those are the few good drawings I have done. Hopefully soon I’ll be posting more inspiring art work. Right now however I am having an art block and all my art work looks hideous because I am not quite feeling my usual positive happy self; we’ll see soon how things go.

P.S All the art on this page has been drawn on my Sketchfu account (which I made when I was ten years old… hence the lame username) which you can view by clicking: kitty_fun <- on this website you can see how I drew these pictures :O

A ‘Feline’ Love

Hello all!

Well I know this blog is meant to be about my art and school work and what not however I wanted to just blog about random things in my life too- and it’s my blog, right? And people blog about randomness all the time so it’s only fair I blog my share of randomness.

So anyways, I’ve been going through a rough time with a whole load of problems on my mind and stressed with school. Guess what? I also have my first detention for this year on Friday 5th October! I have no clue why I’m saying it like it’s a good thing because to be honest I’m really annoyed about it. I got the detention because a friend and I were writing notes during science and I stupidly forgot the note was in my book and so when I handed my book it the teacher saw it. A fatal mistake! I now have to sit at the front of the class with a new person in my class who never speaks! Plus the people on my table aren’t really people I talk to much so I doubt I’ll ever have an interesting conversation about anything scientific to develop my view and interest in science!

If you’re wondering what was in the note well I’ll have you know it was a little conversation about schizophrenia, bipolar and personality disorders; notice how they’re sort of related to science? And I still got in trouble! You may mourn for me and curse the evil teacher. Well, actually if I choose to be mature I could reason with him and realize that he only punished me because handing out notes is not going to help me in science however I refuse to be mature right now so instead I argue that at the same time I do pay attention in science and actually used to enjoy it and was one of the ‘top graded students’ until “he” became our new teacher and if my exercise book is lacking anything then it’s really his fault because he is a terrible teacher who doesn’t explain anything properly; has little and patience and I am not the only one who thinks this.

Enough about that now! Let’s talk about happy things!

Well today after an early finish in school followed by an ice cream sundae with some friends, I went home and looked out my window to see Tiger my ginger cat with Nimpo my black cat on the roof! It made me laugh as Nimpo and Tiger as young kittens used to fight all the time also Nimpo doesn’t come home very often as he has a family elsewhere so for him to come home and befriend Tiger was extremely adorable!

ImageNot long afterwards the youngest of my three cats; Momo; came along and joined the gang! It was funny watching them as they jumped for my hand and it was really nice to caress them with the blue sky hanging above my head and the soft breeze sweeping my hair. I took a few pictures of my cats!

Blogging failure when your picture layout gets messed up 😦 and you can’t fix it! – Oh well!


I’m no photographer but I have a keen love for taking pictures of everything and anything and my cats are no exception! So I may have over done it with the picture taking but I have learnt a valuable lesson from this which is: Tiger is very photogenic!

Coincidentally as I was writing this blog Momo’s feline girlfriend came to our house for the first time! I had often spotted Momo with this cat and had many a chance to pet her on streets and in the garden but she had never stepped into the house until, well, just a moment ago! I took pictures… But somehow I managed to accidentally delete them! Photography Failure!

Well today was a very good day, filled with laughter and smiles and lots of love which reminds me of a prank I played on my friend using her phone and a boy she doesn’t particularly like during lunch break at school however that’s another story! #With Amazing Friends, Nicole Cook & Crystal Trinh

To end on a positive note: Today was a fine day filled with “Fine Love” or should I say “Feline Love” ?

Take care & Keep Creative


My Art Materials – And A Killer Plastic Bag?

Hello again, my dear readers,

I’ve just come back from school; and to be honest, I’ve been drained from energy as our last lesson was “Physical Education” or “P.E” as we know it here in London – Yes, London is where I was born and where I am currently living! – we had fitness today which meant that the teachers had a chance to kill us and as always they took it and attempted murder! Don’t get me wrong though, I actually love P.E and love the feeling I get when I stretch my muscles and run and whatever else it is we do in P.E; it get’s tiring though but I guess that’s the point, huh?

I somehow mustered the energy to blog though! (Either that or it’s the energy drink I had on the way home, which I’ll have you know, is the first ever energy drink I’ve ever had!) So today at school during lessons, I’ve been pondering about what to blog about today; I had the idea just to put up some pictures of some drawings I had done in the past however I changed my mind.

Yesterday as I was walking up the stairs, I almost slipped and died – died!- because of a monstrous plastic bag that my mum had left on the stairs! After almost dying and scolding the life-less bag like a crazy person, I realized there was something in it and so I decided to see what it was. My mouth twisted into a smile and my eyes lit up! And that’s because the thing that was inside the bag was this:

*Please excuse the badly taken pictures!

If you don’t know what this is then listen up! This is the “Faber Castell, Art Grip Pencils” they’re normal coloring pencils however they have really vibrant colours and are by a very well known company and one of my favourite companies “Faber Castell”. My mum had just come back from my older sisters house so I guessed they were a gift from her for me! I was really grateful! Later on, I realized that since I had a new addition to my small collection of art materials; I thought to myself, ‘might as well show them the rest of my collection!’ There isn’t much but what I have is enough for me!

So this picture is of:
-Sketchpad N.O 3 – I have two other sketchpads however the quality of my drawings are disgraceful!
-Faber Castell Clutch Pen
-Faber Castell Rubber & Led Sharpener
-Faber Castell Water Colour Pencils

-Paint Brushes – not as good as the appear to be, but I’ll have to make do!

-Random Rubbers – I use them like there is no tomorrow, I suppose bad habits die hard!

And lastly my graphic pencils by “Derwent/Coloursoft” another one of my much admired art companies! I have yet to use these but when I do you can be sure that I will blog about it! anyways that’s all I have so far but slowly my collection will grow a bit more! In the meantime I’ll be using what I have to create beautiful sketches and painting! I’ll do a review on these sometime too, I mean if that’s what you – my awesome audience – want to read about? I don’t know really so let me know 🙂

Must dash now, I hear homework calling – unfortunately!
Keep creative!


Note: My title-making-up-skills need work! 😐 Sorry for the lame titles, I’ll work on it!

My Miyu, About Me!?

Hey there,

Welcome to my-miyu-me,

As you might have guessed; I’d like you to call me Miyu. I am a young teen who is currently still in education; this blog is my expression sanctuary; which means I’ll be posting photos of the one thing that has “expression” written all over it – Yup- Art!

I paint, colour and sketch! And let’s just say without my beautiful clutch pen, sketchpad and paint brush, I’d be better known as dead! Drawing and painting is one of my very few talents and I take every chance I have to paint but there is always one thing that get’s in the way of my happy marriage with my art… S-C-H-O-O-L.

As much as I enjoy learning and being a nerd, I sometimes find that school, homework and exams stop me from expressing myself. But there’s no escaping school so somehow I’ll have to cope with the pain of knowing that clearly school hates to see me and art happy! – Talk about jealousy! Anyways, I’ll be blogging about my school, myself and most of all my artwork!

Expect many pictures! Many Struggles! And Many Inspiring Painting!

I leave you now with one of my most prettiest computer drawings – by yours truly! – Always Smile!

Many Thanks For Reading!

Note: Miyu is a japanese name; I draw usually in manga style, but attempt realism and landscapes! Also notice how my blog also spells “Yume” which means dream in japanese – and I myself am somewhat of a dreamer! Just thought I’d fill you in with the little facts 😉